Revolutionary new technology reduces the 'bad' LDL cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the #1 cause of death globally. High blood cholesterol levels, especially LDL cholesterol, are key risk factors for developing CVD. What started as a food ingredient for astronauts in the MELiSSA space research program has turned out into a technology that significantly reduces LDL cholesterol.


Potent LDL cholesterol lowering effects, ‘good’ HDL unaffected. 


ezCOL BV was established in the ESA Business Incubator

Health benefits

Highly effective
No adverse effects observed

Our mission

We strive to provide patients with elevated cholesterol with a new intervention modality that potently lowers their blood plasma LDL-cholesterol (the 'bad' cholesterol) to the most optimal target values without the adversity that is commonly observed with current therapeutics. As such, ezCOL aims to develop a best-in-class LDL-lowering drug with the lowest possible adversity.


Our Vision

In our vision, our ezCOL product becomes the class-leading cholesterol-lowering drug with lowest adversity and at affordable costs. This way ezCOL BV can leave a positive footprint on society, by lowering societal burdens, ensuring an effective and affordable healthcare system and providing maximal patient comfort and carefree living.