Revolutionary drug-development platform integrated in the European Space Agency - MELiSSA consortium

ezCOL is a Dutch biotech company, that serves as the preferred valorization partner for all pharmaceutical IP that is generated by the European Space Agency (ESA) Melissa program. Within Melissa, around 100 researchers and engineers from 60 different research institutes are collaborating.   Our drug-development pipeline addresses several therapeutic indications within primairily the cardiovascular field, of which hypercholesterolemia is furthest developed, and in mid-preclinical stage. Our pipeline targets the multifaceted causes of a broad range of vascular diseases.    


Preferred valorisation partner of MELiSSA pharmaceutical IP


ezCOL BV was established in the ESA Business Incubator in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Health benefits

Highly focused on the safety of new drug candidates

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best therapeutics to patients around the world by tapping into research activities from the MELiSSA consortium. This space program researches biological life-support systems to enable long term human space missions. The multinational research and development activities in MELiSSA are spanning over 3 decades, involving over 100 researchers at 60 different research institutes and organizations, including ezCOL parent company SEMiLLA IPStar. ezCOL focuses on the development of new drugs based on intellectual property derived from the MELiSSA consortium that have beneficial effects on human health and novel disease treatment options.


Our Vision

To develop state-of-the-art medicines that benefit the human race. We aim to provide high impact future-proof therapeutics with lowest adversity at affordable costs. Revenues are in part used to fund groundbreaking research to improve the lives of people and their environments. This way we bring health benefits to people and improve the overall quality of life.